TURBULATOR – Generator of Turbulent Art Brut Practices

TURBULATOR was a generator of turbulent art practices from 2018 to 2023, across studios in Belgrade, Porto, Marseille, Vielsalm and Skopje. The significant number of 30 residencies included artists from Turbo Comix from Serbia, Le Dernier Cri from France, La “S” from Belgium and Oficina Arara from Portugal. Additionally, three associated partners: Veternica from Macedonia, Art Brut Serbia and Naša kuća from Serbia, contributed to the project’s success. Other participants, that were cruising around, include Martin Lopez Lam, Vasja Lebarič, Marko Krojač, Dunja Janković, Olivier Allemane, Mathieu Desjardins, Miroslav Lazednić, Ben Sanair, Syvain Bureau, Vincent Bichelberger, Nicolas Chuard, Igor Hofbauer and Atilla Stark.

The TURBULATOR was all about artist exchanges, screen printing, book making, exhibition hosting, mingling with local artists. The project culminated in publishing the Turbulator book, a documentation showcasing the extensive art production and a final group gathering for Novo Doba festival in Belgrade in October 2023.

Because of the intensive group visibility and a distinct approach to organizing and producing art collectively within studio environments the Turbulator crew became recognized and invited to even more residencies, exhibitions and festivals than it was planned for. The special mention goes to the Turbulator exhibition and publication hosted by Sterput gallery in Brussels and a residency at La Briqueterie in Amiens. Special thanks also goes to Longest Night which hosted the most extensive Turbulator exhibition in December 2023 in Roda Konsthall in Gothenburg.

Turbulator project was supported by the European Commission under the Creative Europe programme.

TURBULATOR will not help you learn screen printing, but it might make you think that screen printing life is a good kind of life 😉

“Turbulencije se dešavaju, određuje ih prisustvo kvantitativnih elemenata, ali su i dalje isključivo zbir slučajnih promenljivih. Mesec se sve više udaljava od Zemlje, dani traju sve duže, leto počinje na Antarktiku, leda je sve manje, a mi i dalje štampamo sito.”