Vasja Lebarič visits Oficina Arara

18-28 September 2023

Multifaceted artist, sculptor, professor and silk-screen printer, and active part of Czentrifuga socio-art collective, sharing his life between Ljubljana and Berlin, Vasja stayed at the residence from September 18th to 28th, 2023 in Porto.

A collab poster from the latest series of montages by this artist was designed and printed together with Miguel Carneiro in the screen studio at Oficina Arara.

The poster was printed in 7 colors, 100×70 cm, 100 copies. Additionally, Vasja prepared a performatic concert with visual interventions in collaboration with Ruca Bourbon, Albert Tannat, and Xavier Paes, both regular collaborators from the Arara collective.

Vasijona noise performance.

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