Marko Krojač and Vasja Lebarič visit Oficina Arara

14-22 July 2019

Flying directly from Ljubljana and Berlin, came Vasja Lebaric & Marc Schneider to represent Czentrifuga socio-art collective and inaugurate the Turbulator residence program. Knowing both of them personally from previous synchronized attendance of the same circuit of small press festivals, it was not difficult to engage in a very intense artistic exchange during the 7 days of residence at Arara studio. The program started with a small tour around Porto and the particular surroundings of the neighborhood where Arara studio is settled.

From this tour, Marc documented a great number of photos that later become part of his 2-sides foldable silkscreen poster-publication. As for Vasja, he filled his notebook full of visceral drawings portraying some of the most crazy places and characters visited during the first days of residence. Together with the Arara crew, these drawings were then mixed together to create different graphic compositions printed both as silkscreened posters and big-size textiles. As a result of the residence, Arara hosted the exhibition where all the printed material was shown and where Vasja Lebaric performed live a musical-improvisation together with Ruca Bourbon, satellite-artist from the portuguese collective.

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