Turbo Comix and Miroslav Lazendić visit Oficina Arara

1-8 June 2022

As part of the Turbulator project, Matrijaršija collective went to two residencies during 2022: June 6-10, 2022. in Porto at Oficina Arara studio (Mileta Mijatović, Aleksandar Denić, Johanna Marcade-Mot, Sofija Pašalić, Milica Ivić, Ana Aleksić, Aleksa Vitorović, Milena Janošević). During the same residency, Miroslav Lazendić from Subotica stayed in the Oficina Arara studio as a part of the Turbulator project.

During the first week ok June 2022, Oficina Arara welcomed Matrijaršija crew, including some of their most prolific and active members and guests of honor: Mileta Mijatović, Sofija Pašalić, Aleksa Vitorović, Ana Aleksić, Johanna Marcadé-Mot, Milica Ivić, Aleksandar Denić, Milena Janošević, and Miroslav Lazendić; Knowing to be both artists/experienced-printers, the Matrijaršija crew soon became totally autonomous within Arara studio which allowed them to create a great dynamics, taking advantage from being such a numerous group. During the 7-days residence, some of the artists silk-printed their own posters, and hand-painted big-size flags meanwhile they also drew and printed the publication “Goat-Rider”: a collective silkscreened publication including original artworks produced by Matrijaršija and Arara crew during the residence. On the last day there was still time to organize a venue at Arara’s studio, hosting a poster-exhibition from the Serbian collective as well as the release of the new publications, soup, and karaoke party.

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